“Why every show doesn’t do this, I’ll never know.”

“Thank you for your performance of Behind the Emerald Curtain at Stagecrafters Youth Theater! What a great experience for our members and patrons. We could not have asked for more! Everyone is still facebooking (if that's a verb) about the evening.”

“So many of our youth theater members are interested in continuing their pursuit of the performing arts, and it's extremely helpful when they can interact directly with people who make this not only their craft, but their means to make a living. As you stated, the skill sets developed in the arts are so valuable, no matter where they are ultimately applied in life.”
Tony Battle
Stagecrafters Youth Theater

“Our 92 musical theater students, ages 8-18, loved this program! In addition to having a wonderful time they received valuable information about every aspect of theater. Thank you for creating ‘Behind the Emerald Curtain.’ It’s absolutely incredible, and will be a permanent fixture in our curriculum.” “The most educational tour in New York, and not just for theatre students....every element learned during ‘Behind the Emerald Curtain’ plays out in the classroom and on stage by theatre students and technicians....you can’t beat the exceptional educational aspects of this, the only tour of its kind!”
Jim Haas, Director
Destination Broadway
David A. Schmidt, President
Ivy Discovery Institute (Educational Tour Operator)

“From a curriculum standpoint, it ticks all the boxes. It’s a perfect fit!”
Lynda Smerdon, Education Workshops Manager
The Arts Centre - Melbourne, Australia

“Our group thoroughly enjoyed our experience ‘Behind the Emerald Curtain.’” “Everyone enjoyed the day and left with big smiles on their faces.”
Del Parkinson, Professor of Theatre
Boise State University
Matt Weiss
Young Entrepreneurs Organization

“I have received amazing feedback from the event. (‘Behind the Emerald Curtain’) really changed a few kids’ lives. One student even came up afterwards and asked if she could help design costumes for our spring show because she was so inspired!
Alysa Goldrath
Borel Middle School

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for the incredible tour that you produced for Wicked. Everyone in my group loved it and especially liked the information on how young actors approach ‘making it to Broadway.’ IT IS WONDERFUL!”
Tim Hanes, Artistic Director
Orlando Youth Theatre
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